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Must Know Information for World History Class
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Essay writing will be an integral part of your freshmen world history experience. Over the last couple of years Mr. Spivey has collected a variety of helpful "tools" that you can use while developing important life skills. If you find a source or have an idea that you would like to contribute to the site, contact Mr. Spivey for approval.

Semester 1

Intro Unit: Getting Started

Unit 1: Roles of a Historian

Unit 2: How the West Won

How the West Won Test Review

Unit 3: Creation of a New a Order

Unit 4: Industrial Revolution

World History-- MIDTERM EXAM REVIEW 2009-10

Semester 2

Unit 5: Imperialism

Unit 6: Nationalism and Sovereignty

Unit 7: The Great War

Unit 8: Broken World

Part One: Russian Revolution
Part Two: Nationalist Movements Move East
Part Three: Great Depression

Unit 9: From Bad to Worse--World War Two (WWII)

Unit 10 Cold War-- So HOT it's COLD

Final Review