Parliament/National Assembly

How was the National Assembly formed?

What led to the formation of the National Assembly was when the three estates gave complains to the King Louis XVI. Complains from the people to the king came from everywhere, and therefore removing social and political reforms were expected by the States – General. The bourgeoisie’s thoughts were written on a pamphlet which stated that the third estates should be treated equal and have equal rights, as they and the nation are identical. Soon, the people from the third estate called themselves the National Assembly. However, it was not legal because the king didn’t allow it. Later, people from the other two estates began to join the National Assembly, but the king closed their meeting place. That’s when they decided to meet in the tennis court and promise among them never to separate until a constitution was written. The king had to legalize the National Assembly, which then was the official formation of it.

The Tennis Court Oath
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How did the National Assembly affect the French Revolution?

It is said that the first French Revolution started with the National Assembly. The people in the National Assembly rebelled against king’s decisions and actions using violence. Surprisingly, the king let the National Assembly to continue, and even invited some clergies and nobles to join it. On the other hand, he refused to abolish feudalism and the Declarations of the Rights of Man, which really angered the people. They marched to the palace of Versailles and forced the royal families back to Paris and imprisoned them. For the next few months, the National Assembly was busy for doing liberal reforms that France had. Some of them include nationalizing Church property, officially getting rid of nobility, illegalize monastic vows and so on. Later in 1791, King Louis was forced to agree on the new Constitution of 1791 which required the limitations of monarchy. Also, the Constitution made a newly formed legislature in replacement of the National Assembly. The National Assembly used lots of violence during the French Revolution but in the end, it led to a successful result, for making a better country for the people of France.

Execution of King Louis XVI
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