R: Doctor from America
A: for myself
F: diary
T: the difference between the hospitals back at home / what type of illnesses and how gruesome the injuries were

Dear Diary,

Today was another gruesome day of treating the patients of this war. I guess the Germans threw another shell of mustard gas. The number of patients with mustard gas blisters were flying high. There was this one patient, an 18-year-old male Asian soldier, that could not stop screaming. No one could stop him because people could see the pain he was going through. The blisters were beginning to make his skin rot and covered in blood. We could see from the color of his skin that there was internal bleeding. There was no medicine to treat him the only thing I could have done was lessened the pain but there wasn't enough dopamine to go around. I could not give it to him because there were people who needed amputations. I had to watch him scream and not be able to help him nor cure him. This is a picture of the poor lad.

On top of that I found a middle-aged-man suffering from a very high fever, cough, and a gun wound. The nurses all thought that he had some kind of infectious disease that noone had the medicine for. I remember giving it to an old man who had the same symptoms. Here in these wars, there is not much medicine to go around. Some people die because they don't get the treatment they need even in a hospital. It's hard burning knowing that there is a way to save him and not being able to.

He lay there suffering and explaining to me how much more gruesome it can be outside in those trenches and how dearly he loves his wife and children. I couldn't help but ask myself, "when will this war end?" "When will all this gruesome stuff stop." I feel myself becoming more and more crazier as the days progress on with more and more deaths and illnesses.

I thought back to the time when I was at home in our small county hospital. Where we could treat almost everyone and not have to look at the pain they were going through. The clean and sanitary things we were able to do. Back then, I thought that blood was dirty. I had lived a good life back at home. Here out in the middle of nowhere. Blood and disease aren't the worst parts. I wish that this will end soon.