With huge population and well constructed temples, the development of the Aztec and Inca civilization is well known to the world. From the remnants of these ancient empires, modern historians concluded that the Aztec and Inca Empire was extremely well developed at its time. The level of their high development can be determined by their agriculture, religion and culture

First of all, their agricultural development was superior considering the fact that they were an isolated empire. According to Document 3 and 4, the pictures and calenders shows the advancement of the farming tools, and organization of agricultural calender which determined their farming schedules. Calenders shown in document 3 and 4 shows that the Incas and Aztecs were very developed in astrology because they were able to analyze the weather patterns and contribute it to farming. Moreover, the fact that the Aztecs associated these calenders with religious rituals shows that they were also developed in religious and cultural factors. These calenders prove that Aztec and Inca was able to rise as one of the high populated empires during this time era because these calenders helped the civilization to produce more food for people, which contributed in population boom, and expand their territories.