Dongju LeeAztec & Incan civilizations DBQ

ASSESS the level of cultural development of the Aztec and the Inca. What additional documents would help in identifying the impact of these cultural traditions on their empires.

The Aztecs and Incas created and maintained extensive empires in the Americas. However, the Aztec’s and Inca’s geographic placement on longitudinal continents, caused their cultures to develop in an isolation that was not present during the development of eurasian cultures. Regardless of this disadvantage, the Aztecs and Incas developed an advanced culture, each with their own distinct characteristics and emphasis on religion, agriculture, technology, and economy.

Body Paragraph 1:

The Aztecs and Incas each developed an extremely sophisticated culture, as evidenced in their art and architecture. Examples include the Aztec calendar from document 3, The Mendoza Codex from document 1, the carvings shown in document 2, depictions of rituals in document 5, and remarkable Incan architecture in documents 9 and 10. Calendars imply a concept of time, and rituals imply traditions of religion. Each of these are elements of culture. The capability to create stone carving, elaborate calendars, and execute faultless architecture implies that the meso-american civilizations possessed an advanced amount of technology.