The reason why the Aztecs focused more importance towards the new cultural adaptations of the conquered lands was because during the 10th century, a group called the Toltecs established a capital at Tula and they became in control, thus, their civilization diminishing slowly by the end of 12th century. Meanwhile, during the time, a new group of people came into place known as the Aztecs. They migrated to different areas of the world and tried to settle into new places, while trying to restore back order into the society. They tried to expand their empire by conquering people and receiving tribute from them. With more and more conquered lands building on, their empire expanded into a great deal amount from coast to coast. Thus, with its rapid growth-- they wanted to build advanced architectural techniques so they could take their conquests to the next step. Next, the Incas pushed more importance towards the advanced side of their architectural techniques was because their empire stretched for almost 2500 miles along the mountains the city was connected to all parts of the empire and their system was extremely complex- usually consisted of roads and bridges. Therefore, with its complexity to the society, they wanted to advance in an architectural way. If you look at documents 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11-- they all have religious aspects.