Title of Event:
Congress of Vienna 1814-1815

Problem or Goal:
They were trying to re-establish a balance of power among the European countries and settle peace between them. Also, they had this meeting to prevent future conflicts such as war.

Participants/Key Players:
Austria, Russia, Prussia, and Great Britain, France
Austria: Prince Klemens von Metternich
Austrian minister of state (acting as a president of the congress)
Russia; Alexander I, the emperor of Russia
Prussia: Prince Karl August von Hardenberg
Great Britain: Lord Castlereagh, later Arthur Wellesley (first duke of Wellington)
France: Charles Maurice de Talleyrand

Where: Vienna

When: September 1814~June 1815

Key Episodes or Events:
-France was deprived all territory conquered by Napoleon
-French monarchy was restored under the rule of Louis XVII
-Austria was given back most of its territory it had lost before and was given land in Germany and Italy
-Russia got Finland and control over Poland (a new kingdom)
-Norway and Sweden joined under one rule
-Switzerland was declared neutral and Ferdinand VII restored Spain

Resolution or Outcome:
In the end, they achieved the goal because for about 40 years, peace in Europe was settled.

Theme/Lessons/So What?
Because this meeting took place, the Europeon countries were allowed to maintain peace amongst each other. However, even the the European tried so hard to maintain stability, there were still wars later on.

Source: http://www.napoleonguide.com/convienna.htm