Welcome to Mr. Spivey's world history wiki. We will complete a number of assignments throughout the semester by using this space to its full potential. I expect reach assignment to have elements of creativity, academics and innovations. This is a place were creation will take take the main stage and ideas are encouraged to flow.

Sophies World Discusion Forum Are you having problems reading the text? Do you feel that you have had an inspirational thought and want to share it with the rest of your class? Then this the place where you can write down your thoughts and ideas about the Sophie's World. Both A and C period can correspond with each other.

French Revolution Ant Farm
Child Labor Project
Philosophers of the 19th Century
A Broken World: Effects of WWI into WWII
Final Study Guide

NOTE: This is a reminder that the next two groups in each class will be presenting on Monday so make sure that you are ready.