World History Semester Exam Study Guide
(First Semester)

The World as of 1700

Based on the factors of analysis we have been examining all year, why was Europe poised to control other regions by the end of the 1700s?

Social Issues
Foreign Relations

Renaissance and Reformation
Sources: Renaissance and Reformation readings/notes on ABC-CLIO and class wiki.

What was the “Renaissance” and what lasting impacts did it have on European and Western culture?

What were the Reformation and Counter-Reformation and how did these movements impact European and Western culture?

Age of Discovery/ Colonialism 1.0
Source: Mr. Spivey's Podcast Colonialism 1.0

What factors caused a pushed for explorers to venture out of Europe during the 15th and 16th century?

How would explorers change patterns in the world during the Age of Discovery?

What were the major causes of Colonialism?

What were the major consequences of Colonialism?

The Scientific Revolution

What is science?

Why is the Scientific Revolution often called a “paper revolution?”

What did the major figures of the Scientific Revolution call science?

What two major areas did the Scientific Revolution focus on?

What authorities did the Scientific Revolution rebel against?

What was the overall impact of the Scientific Revolution?

The Enlightenment

What are three long-term effects of the Enlightenment?

Why is the Enlightenment important today?

What was the purpose of the Enlightenment?

What philosophical, political and economic causes led to the Enlightenment?

Source: Modern World History p. 171-177

What is the difference between Hobbes’ social contract and Rousseau’s? (Hint: It centers on their view of humanity.)

What is the difference between the philosophy of Hobbes and Locke?

What are the three natural rights that Locke proposed governments must protect?

The French philosophes developed an Enlightenment philosophy that centered around five core concepts. Briefly define them in one sentence or less:






Why did Rousseau propose a separation of powers within government?

Source: Absolutism Reading Handout

What did it mean to be an absolute monarch?

How were absolute monarchs impacted by the Enlightenment?

What do you think it means to be an “enlightened absolutist?”


Review the French Revolution Study Guide.

Anatomy of a Revolution
Source: Anatomy of a Revolution Splashcast

Compare and contrast the revolution in the Americas you studied with the Anatomy of a Revolution template.

Industrial Revolution
Source: Industrial Revolution text; Modern World History p. 251-273

What were the major causes and effects of the Industrial Revolution?

What were the major benefits and costs of the Industrial Revolution?

What types of solutions were posed by philosophers to address the problems caused by the Industrial Revolution?