Welcome to Mr. Spivey's World History wiki-page. We will complete a number of assignments throughout the year by using this space to its full potential. I expect each assignment to have elements of creativity, academic integrity and innovations. This is a place where creation will take the main stage and ideas are encouraged to flow.



Class List:

WH Spivey A 2008-9
WH Spivey E 2008-9

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Must Know Information for World History Class
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  • Always name your pages with your or all members of the groups name. For example: French Revolution Jason Bob Sarah (Learn how to link here)
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The following link I take no credit for its brilliance . Here are all the steps that one should take for writing a historical essay. On this coming up essay we want you to focus on your thesis and historical content. Follow the link if you want to learn more.
"The Historia Handbook was prepared by the History Department for the students of Horace Greeley High School as a guide to Historia, a program in historical research, thinking and writing. " (Zambernardi)

Zambernardi, Robert. "The Historia Handbook." The Historia Project. Jan. 2003. Horace Greeley High School. 31 Oct. 2007;


Emily K. (10th) took her time and created a masterpiece explaining how to write a FANTASTIC history paper! She did this on her own time during the summer and throughout the school year. Listen to her thought process as this is how we want you to think when writing a paper. If you see her in the halls give her praise this awesome example of work.

Student example papers--
1. Thesis will be placed last sentence of introduction paragraph.

2. Body will be organized using topic sentences that prove your thesis.

3. Topic sentences address the main points of your essay. For example if the essay is about if cheese is the best food in the world your topic sentence would look like:
a) Cheese has a distinct smell and taste that makes the mouth water.
b) Cheese has the ability to blend in with other foods to compliment any taste.
c) Cheese is not only delicious but also is filled with nutrients that the body needs.

4. After topic sentence has been presented, the writer will provide evidence.

5. Last but not least within each paragraph, analysis of ideas are required. What is meant by analyze, you will make connects to ideas that are not apparently obvious. In other words make the unobvious obvious.

6. Your conclusion should reemphasize your thesis. Do not simply restate thesis the same way.

Example Student Essay

Questions about MLA Format, check here.
Web-based program to help you with MLA format:

Semester 1

Intro: Unit Getting Started

Unit 1: Roles of a Historian

Unit 2: How the West Won

Test One- How the West Won

Unit 3: Creation of a New Order

Unit 4: Industrial Revolution

Unit 5: Imperialism

2008-09 Semester 1 Final: Study Guide

Semester 2

Unit 6: Nationalism and Sovereignty

Unit 7: The Great War?

Unit 8: Broken World

Broken World Part I: Russian Revolution
Broken World Part II: Nationalist Movements Move East
Broken World Part III: The Great Depression
Broken World Part IV: Arts & Letters
Assessment: Essay on April 21st or 22nd

Unit 9: From Bad to Worse-- WWII

Unit 10: So Hot it is Cold-- The Cold War