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What not to do:
Question 4: (Chapter 3) Do you buy the argument of Diamond so far? Why or why not?

Diamond’s explanation about the Spaniard colonization is truly enlightening and I agree with all the questions and answers in chapter three, yet with the only exception of “Why did Atahuallpa walk into the trap?” (79). Diamond’s answer to this question is mainly stated “consequences of literacy” (79).

…Atahuallpa had very little information about the Spaniards, their military power, and their intent. (79)

I believe a more plausible explanation would be that the Incas at Cajamarca believed those white conquerors were their returning god. Diamond briefly explains this as, “…the Incas’ mistaking Spaniards for their returning god Viracocha” (75). Even if Incans knew about the Spaniards beforehand with advanced literacy, it would’ve left disbelieve about those terrible stories when Incans saw these new white people dressed in a fancy, unusual way. Incans would have had faith that the white people were their returning gods anyways. Therefore, the main reason to the question, “Why did Atahuallpa walk into the trap?” (79), should be the Incans’ mistaken faith instead of lacking literacy.

Question #2: What are the advantages and disadvantages of farming vs. hunting/gathering? Why would some tribal societies stay as hunter/gathers? Explain.

One of the most obvious benefits of farming is that a farming population does not have to devote all of its time in search for food. Yet, relying solely on farming for food can lead to problems. For instance, if there were insufficient rain or hostile weather conditions, harvest will decrease, which can perhaps mean starvation for the existing population.

Thus in areas in which huntering/gathering persisted, the natural fauna was more unfavorable to farming than others. In these areas, it was more efficient for the population to migrate in search for food and animals instead of irrigate and farm on the arid land. Yet, in a society that did not develop farming experienced slow growth in culture and population, since it was more vulnerable to natural disasters and lacked sufficient time to achieve growth.

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