12:30 -- 3:30
  1. Introduction: Pedagogy presentation with examples
  2. Introducing ourselves (5 minutes or less)
  3. A story that displays a shift (5 minutes)
  4. Pedagogy (30 minutes)
    1. Innovation/Creativity
    2. Collaboration
    3. Authentic Audience: Example Student blog/Art Gallery
    4. Safety/Media Literacy -- A great resource of Media Literacy + a great AUP and guideline for social networking from Malaysia. Student AUP.pdf & MKIS Student Social Network Policy.pdf
    5. Networking (Social Networking and Personal Learning Network)
    6. Breaking Down School Walls
  5. Q & A
  6. Breakout Sessions (2 groups)
    A) Mac Intro - Mac keyboards & shortcuts, right-click, Corners, Spaces, Spotlight, using & modifying the Dashboard and the Doc, changing your password & screensaver, Stickies, other. MacLaptop_1_OSXBasics-2.pdf
    B) Mac & Productivity - iWork overview
  7. Stations with students (15 min. stations but you may choose to stay longer) -- in groups by comfort level.
    1. Podcast-- www.podOmatic.com, (iTunes podcasts) How can I use this in class? Bring experts into your classroom and making kids experts.
    2. iMovie -- www.youtube.com (footage to use): How can I use this in class?
    3. Voice Thread Voice Thread lesson (take pictures of each person for uploading) How can I use this in class?
    4. Photobooth for quickies (taking pictures & short clips) How can I use this in class?
  8. Student Panel
  9. Closing Remarks and Questions with Tim and Jason.

Topics for the next time:
Mention: Wikispace -- next time -- how to organize and manage a class with a wikispace
Communication: students, teachers -- Skype, FB, Power of Social Media, etc.
Survey as a follow up

Digital Journalism with PTV
MS English (Bilbrey)
MS English (Digges)
MS English (McCord)
MS English (Schwagler)


HS Psychology (Israel)
HS Psychology II (Israel)
HS World History (Spivey)
MS Social Studies (Tabbara)
MS Social Studies (Hernandez)
MS Social Studies (Clare)
MS Social Studies (Hurst)


MS Science (Morton)
MS Science (Christenbury)
MS Science (Sickles)


MS Math (Jobe)
HS Math (Grochowski)
Classroom 2.0

MS Art Blog (S. Digges)
MS Yearbook (S. Digges)
MS/HS Art (Modly)


MS/HS Music Department


MS Spanish (A. Bray)
MS Chinese (Lu)

MS Drama (Cali)
MS/HS Drama (Johnson)

ES PE (S. Spivey)
ES PE (Fagogenis)

Professional Development ideas, interesting blogs, etc
Using the Right Web 2.0 Tool
Connectivism: Digital Learning Theory
Digital Multiple Intelligences
Phoenix Film Festival

Mac Basics

Basic for Keynote

How to play WMV (Windows Media Video)