Advanced Wiki's: A KIS Think Tank

A facilitated discussion about wikis and pedagogy and how it has transformed what happens in the classroom (not hands on, no button pushing).

Educators will collaborate on experiences and expertise to create stronger individual wikis.
Educators will create a document sharing ideas to reflect on. Focused more on personal growth.

Led by:
Jason Spivey and Fady Tabbara


I. Self Evaluation (10 Minutes Max.)
Step #1: Question--What would you like to do better with your wiki?

Step#2: Open Forum Colleague Discussion

II. Brainstorming, Share and Publish

Step #1: Break up into groups groups of three. Groups will be on the screen via EtherPad.

Step #2: Brainstorm within your groups on focus question. "How have wikis personally enhanced your teaching?"

Step #3: Share by showing examples of your wiki that you are proud of.

Step #4: Publish on EtherPad some of your groups highlights that you think will be beneficial to others. Please "Save" as you go along.

Click on link:

Example: (Name) Spivey-- (Description) Use of the "Discussion Tab: by.... (Link)

III. Problem Solving

Step #1: Individually look at the "KIS Wiki Think-Tank Collaboration Pad" and see if you can find solutions to your problems identified in step #1 from the self-evaluation.

Step #2: Get into new assigned groups and share solutions and ideas you saw/read about that could potentially improve the effectiveness of teaching with wikis.

Step #3: Large group discussion. How do we implement some of the ideas we've discussed to make our wikis more effective for our students and us?

Please fill out this quick survey. Your feedback is very much appreciated. All answers are unanimous so please be truthful.

Final Product: