My name is Joseph Hebergam. and I was born in Huddersfield in 1815. When I turned 7, I started working. I didn't have any education in school. My family was poor, and all my siblings went to work since young. Since our first day of work, we had to get to George Addison's Bradley Mill, which is a mile away from my home, by 5 in the morning and the work ended in 8 pm. We were mercilessly whipped until our skins turned blue when we were 5 minutes late to work. I did this labor for 10 years, and my health grew worse and worse. My brother died because he hurt his spinal chord because works demanded for him were way too beyond his strength. Then I started to resent the factory system for all this misfortune and hardships happening on me. However, it is also a reality that I wouldn't have a way to live otherwise. Again, my family was really poor, my child labor made most of the money, and I don't have any knowledge, nor know how to read or write. I have no way to be relieved.