Assignment One: Functions of the Wiki for the Class

1. Learn how to use the wiki-page.
- This will be a quick tutorial on how to use the site. Many have had at least a minimal experience using a site like this. There is a wiki support page on the left hand side for those that need more assistants. If you are new and feeling very confused, first try playing with the site by yourself, second ask a friend and if all else fails ask me. Remember to bookmark this page.


WH Spivey B 2009-10
WH Spivey C 2009-10
WH Spivey E 2009-10
WH Spivey F 2009-10

Example of what it will look like in the future:
WH Spivey A 2008-9

Must Know Information for World History Class

Links for how to Embedding Video, Podcast, etc. As we all are learners here if you find something on the web that we all can use please add your external link to the page.

Wiki Support - A wiki support page built to help you learn some of the basics.

  • All assignments will be into turned into the sites listed above. 'WH Spivey B 2009-10' is an example of what this site will look like in the future.
  • Always name your pages with your name or all members of the groups names. For example: French Revolution Jason Bob Sarah (Learn how to link here)
  • Name all pictures files with a unique name. For example if you name a photo picture1 and some else does the same thing, you will be erasing each others files.
  • Peer responses must be put in the discussion tab unless otherwise specified.
  • You can not have two people edit the wiki at the same time. If you do, you will be erasing each others work. There is a way to revert back to an old page but losing your work can be devastating, trust me I have.
  • All assignments have a time stamp, so don't turn your work late.
  • You are publishing this work to the world therefore remember to keep it academically appropriate. Inappropriate uses include name calling or personal attacks on fellow students or KIS staff, any foul language or pictures of sex, drugs and/or rock n' roll.
  • Remember to only use your first time. Internet safety is key to the success of both this class and your future.

Failure to comply with the KIS internet safety guidelines could get you banded from the website which would be detrimental to your grade.


Essay writing will be an integral part of your freshmen world history experience. Over the last couple of years Mr. Spivey has collected a variety of helpful "tools" that you can use while developing important life skills. If you find a source or have an idea that you would like to contribute to the site, contact Mr. Spivey for approval.

Day 1 Assignments

1. Sign-up on
Follow the steps and make an account. Use your real first and last name for the user name. If you are confused please use the steps stated above.

Mr. Spivey's Classes
World History B Class ID: 2789659 (Zulu)
World History C Class ID: 2789660 (Shaka)
World History E Class ID: 2789661
World History F Class ID: 2789662
Ask me for the password.

Ms. Boyle's Classes:
Boyle World History E 2793725
Boyle World History G 2793726

After signing up "bookmark" this page.

2. Download Firefox 3.5 if you do not have it.

4. Internet Safety and Publishing on the Internet:
Have you ever thought about who is looking at your work on the internet?

5. Download and open up syllabus. There is a signature page that you will need to have your parents sign. This will be due on Friday before 3:15 pm. It is worth 20 homework points.