Thesis: Ancient Americas had very advanced, complex level of cultural developments. The Aztecs showed knowledge in calendars, organized rituals and prosper market places. And the Incas had excellent engineering and were socially divided.

Body 1: The Aztecs and Incas both created its own sophisticated social structures. The Old World people thought of the Americas as primitive people without cultural development, yet the situation was quite the opposite. Some parts of the Americas, especially the Aztecs and Incas had an advanced culture that was very unique from the rest of the world. One could spot that the Aztecs had a priest class, who organized religious rituals, and commoners (doc 4,5). The Incas had a hierarchical social structure of ruler and subjects (doc 11). Both of these complexities enabled the Americas to be organized as a society and develop furthermore. Everyday commoners’ lives are portrayed on doc 1, 6, 7, and 11; they include citizens’ daily lives or a day at a market, where everybody blends.