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Name: Jean Sanxay
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Occupation: Chief of the Royal Guards
Social Class: Second Estate
Financial situation: rich
Appearance: Handsome middle aged man with thin and sharp nose. Attractive green eyes. about 6.1 feet. black hair.
Location: Paris, France
Habitual locations: Versailles
Daily routine: Wakes up, bows to the king, talks with the king, talks with his subordinates, goes to parties and sleep.
Personality/Quirks/Unique Personality Traits: hot-tempered, very royal to the king, mean to subordinates and nice to his family.
Past/individual-family history: Both his father and grand-father were Chief of the Royal Guards.
Family: Father, mother, wife, a son and a daughter
Social relations with your own and other classes: King Louis XVI, rebels, other novels.
Religion: Roman Catholic
Education: Privately tutored, mastered sword fighting and horse riding.
Style of speaking in France: well-educated, uses word "royal a lot" never uses English or German influenced French words.
Languages you speak: French and little bit of English and German.
Main privileges and/or conflicts: Conflict with the Third Estate and soldiers. Soldiers disobey my order which irritates him and his king.

Diary #1 (Introduction)

I had a dream this morning but I can't quite remember. I only remember that it was an unpleasant dream and also very bloody. Good thing it was just a dream. As usual, I a faithful servant of King Louis XVI and a Chief of the Royal Guards, went up to his room to check security and to bow to my king. He looked a bit disturbed this morning. I am sure, it is because he is having a difficult time taxing the nobles. Those greedy nobles!! They value money over royalty. However, unlike them, I am willing to sacrifice my life for my King. I am proud to be his servant.
After the morning bow, I went to the meeting room to meet with my subordinates. My subordinates are very royal and understanding men. Today we talked about the problem we have with the Third Estate. One of my reliable sources told me that words of dissatisfaction are spreading through out the Third Estate. It is my seek all of those irregularities and punish them. We decided to increase the number of soldiers in each city and show the power of our King.
After the meeting, I met with my wife and drank a cup of tea. We talked about our son, Marian. Marian is a delightful and strong young man. He is my pride and my all. He will take my place someday and I am willing to give him my position.
Later that night, I went to a birthday party of one of my closest friend's daughter. She was beautiful. I hope my son will marry her someday. It was a delightful party but I could see some people were feeling uncomfortable because of king's presence.
After the party, I went back to my room and started writing this diary. Now I must go to bed. I hope I won't have that horrible dream again....
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Diary #2 (Estates-General)

King Louis XVI called for the Estates-General. All representatives of three Estates are here at Versailles. Versailles is crowded with commoners, nobles and clergies. Our king fairly listened to the words of all three representatives. However I heard two representatives from the Third Estate, Maximilien de Robespierre and Comte de Mirabeau, complaining about their situation. They said they are being mistreated. They complained that when King personally met with the Third Estate representatives, he only spoke with one elderly man. They also grumbled that when they did have reserved seats in the special mass and they had to find their own places. How dare they complain about their situation!! Those filthy commoners!! How dare they complain to the King Louis XVI!! They should be executed!! However executing them would insult King. So I just walked to them and told them to watch their mouth.

Next few days, I understood what they were complaining about. When King Louis XVI made a speech before the meeting, he did not mention anything that Third Estate representatives were concerned about. He did not mention improvement of rights of commoners or a reduction of tax. I know that Third Estate representatives talked to him about these issues because King Louis XIV personally told me that they wanted these issues to be solved during the morning bow. However that does not give commoners right to make complains about our King. During the meeting, Third estate representatives looked unsatisfied. They tried to bring out the issues that they were concerned about but other representatives basically ignored them.
After the meeting they were separated into three rooms and met after they discussed their issues and made conclusions. Most of them looked satisfied except for the representatives for the representatives from the Third Estate. I hope they won't make any troubles.

Diary #3 (Tennis Court Oath)

How dare they disobey my orders!!!!!!! They are no longer my soldiers!!! I will punish them all!! All of them!!! Ah..... Let me calm down a little.... Now I don't even remember what I was angry about. I need to time to analyze my emotions.
Ah... It all started few weeks ago. Those Third estate representatives persuaded other Third estate members to secede from the General-Estate. I knew it was coming so it wasn't a big problem for me. I was prepared. King Louis XVI didn't care about it that much at first. However as First estate seceded from the General-Estate and joined the "National Assembly" (this is what they call it...), he got angry. He was mad. I was mad. How dare they betray the king!!! King's adviser Necker suggested to give Third Estate what they wanted but King did not listen. Instead he ordered me to the door of the room where the National Assembly was going to meet. I ordered my soldier(they used to be my soldiers!!!) to guard the door. Angry people of third estate gathered in a Tennis court and defied our King!! How dare they!!! However our wise leader was calm. He called for a special meeting but did not recognize the presence of so-called "National Assembly". He ordered them to separate and go home but they disobeyed his order. I understand that they are angry but their action was just nonsense. King Louis XVI is the grandson of the Sun King. His words are God's words. King ordered me to kill traitors. So I ordered my soldiers to kill them all. Nobody will guess what happened. They disobeyed me!!! I am the Chief of the Royal Guards!!!! How dare they disobey my order. They should get hanged. I kill them all!! Now I am angry again.
(Tennis Court Oath)

Diary #4 (Invasion of Versailles)

Beloved France has torn apart. Our king is not a king anymore. He is powerless. How will this country run with a king? It is all because of mindless peasants who do not understand the importance of king. They imprisoned King Louis XVI in Tuileries in Paris.
It all started last week. In the royal banquet in Versailles, we, nobles criticized Commune, a false city government in Paris made by the commoners. We only spoke the truth but those filthy commoners thought it was an insult and got angry. Those stupid peasants will never understand the minds of nobles. I heard they gathered around the city hall in Paris. They wanted to march to Versailles and imprison King Louis XVI and his family. When I heard that news, I was enraged because I did not have the power to protect my king. All I had was bunch of foreign soldiers who do not even speak french. All my former soldiers will be enemies. That moment, I realized that I was powerless.
Before the march of National Guards, bunch of women came to Versailles to negotiate with King Louis XVI. He agreed to give out all bread to the women. Of course, women were happy but I was worried. Our king is being too generous. Commoners might ignore the power of King if he becomes too generous to them. However few hours later, my worries were gone few. National Guard invaded Versailles. I ordered my foreign soldiers to protect the palace and the king, but they were just too many. Lafayette, leader of the National Guards, asked king and queen to step out to the balcony. At that moment, I thought they would get executed, but fortunately they weren't. King Louis XVI declared that he will go Paris. Crowd cried out of joy and happiness. I saw some familiar faces rejoicing. I was ashamed. I could not stand this situation, but I had no power. I could not stay there anymore. So my family and I fled from Versailles that afternoon. We've been traveling for three days to my home land. It is a tiring trip but my mental weariness is bigger than the physical one.

Diary #5 (King's Escape and Recapture)

Nothing is going the way it suppose to be. I joined the mission to help King Louis XVI and his royal blood to escape from Tuileries. It was my chance to regain honor. I wanted to show that I still had power to influence this country. Our plan was to safely take king and his family to Austria. We believed that Emperor Leopold, brother of our queen will lend his army to our king. Our king will march Austrian army to France and put an end to this horrible rebellion. My companions sneaked out Comet de Provence, his wife, queen Marie Antoinette, king, prince and princess. When I met them, they were disguised as commoners. King Louis XVI was disguised as a valet and the queen Marie dressed like a nanny. I couldn't hide my feelings. I was glad to see them but at the same time it was heartbreaking to watch them. Once shined in glory of God, our royal king is now dressed in commoner's cloth. As a loyal servent of King Louis XVI, I promised to protect him from this disaster.
I handed the identifications that I made for each one. When I handed them out, I had chance to observe everyone's faces. They looked disgraced and enraged. We rode the coach for hours. Everybody was nervous. I was nervous. If something happens I was going to run away with the king. His life was of this plan. If he can cross the boarder, we can end this rebellion.
However it did not go as we planned. At the town of Varennes, crowd of commoners block our way. They say that one of our companion was King Louis XVI in disguise. I don't know how they got this information. To verify this information, an old man came to see faces of every one of us. I knew this old man. He used to work in Versailles as a servant. When he saw the face of King Louis XVI, he knelt. I realized the danger and tried to cut his throat but King stopped me. He admitted that he is King Louis XVI. I couldn't do anything......
King and his family went back to Tuileries. I was sent to a prison. I give up now. I can't see my families face. I am disgrace to Sanxay family.

Diary #6 (KIng's Execution)

Executioner sliced the head of King Louis XVI with guillotine. Monarchy has ended. King Louis XVI is executed. I, dressed as a commoner, watched the execution. I had to endured the pain and sadness that were filling up my stomach. As the executioner held up the head of King Louis XVI, I could not hide my feelings. I ran back to my inn and burst in tears. It's all my fault. I was able to escape the prison with the help of my family. If I had courage to rescue him from the Temple Prison, he would be standing next to me thinking about plans to recover his power.
It is all because of the hesitant action of irresponsible Commander of Prussian Army, Duke of Brunswick. If he had not send a stupid message that convinced people that our King is a traitor..... When the commoners got that news, I heard they attacked Tuileries. Swiss soldiers who protected the palace were slaughtered. Our poor King and his royal bloods ran away from the palace and sought protection of his and all nobles' real enemy, Legislative Assembly. They locked him and his family in Temple prison. Angry Austrian and Prussian force attacked France. Most of commoners paniced and killed everyone who they believe was an enemy of revolution. They killed hundreds of people including nobles, priests, and monarchists. At that time, I was hiding in Paris, scared and despaired. I thought it was the end of the France or this world. Few days later, I heard news of victory and enemies were finally retreating. I was glad to hear that news but my situation was not going to change due to this event. At the same time, I was worried about my King. New formed government, National Convention, found evidences that King was dealing with people who were against revolution. They convicted him of treason and today he was executed. This tragedy left a big scar in my heart.
(Attacking Tuileries)

Diary #7 (Rebellion and Establishment of Revolutionary Tribunal)

It is time for me to take revenge of our King!! Open rebellion broke out in town of Vendee. Those people were not able to accept government that killed Louis XVI. Those noble human servants of King rejected to follow the conscription law set by the new government. They were Catholics and strong monarchists. I agree with their idea that fighting for the government that we do not support is a worthless effort.
Few days after that people in other regions started rebelling against the government. Army was sent out to those regions to put down fire of rebellion before it gets too big. They also established group of judges called Revolutionary Tribunal.
In few hours, I will travel to Vendee to fight for revolution. I will regain my honor and my king's honor.
(Revolutionary Tribunal),_upon_her_trial,_at_the_bar_of_the_revolutionary_tribunal_of_Paris,_July_17,_1793.jpg/380px-The_heroic_Charlotte_la_Cord%C3%A9,_upon_her_trial,_at_the_bar_of_the_revolutionary_tribunal_of_Paris,_July_17,_1793.jpg