Name: Babette Dubois
Age: 52
Gender: Female
Occupation: Baker (baker's wife)
Social Class: Third Estate
Financial situation: Stable; not going hungry but starting to struggle
Appearance: Small, petite, soft brown hair, naturally plump. Kind brown eyes, and fair skin. Freckles and dimples.
Location: Paris, within walking distance of the Bastille
Habitual locations: Home (small apartment above baker), marketplace, park
Daily routine: Wake before dawn, wake the two hired girls, daughter, and husband. Bake and prepare bread, quick walk around town to check food prices, set price of bread, keep shop, small lunch, keep shop, bake, prepare small dinner, go to market for potatoes, food for family and grain for next day, sleep.
Personality/Quirks/Unique Personality Traits: Humble, shy, motherly, wants better for her daughter. Prone to impatience and tiredness. Works far too hard, as husband is more often drunk and gambling at an inn, wasting money.
Past/individual-family history: Comes from a poor family, married, one daughter
Family: Husband (Jacques Dubois, heavy drinker and gambler, prone to rage and passionate about revolution, not much help at work)
Daughter (Esmè Dubois, seven years old, quiet, rather unintelligent, terrified of father, no schooling, works at bakery)
Social relations with your own and other classes: Sells bread mostly to working commoners (like herself) or bourgeoisie, pities homeless and destitute peasants. Feels strong resent for nobles and high-class ladies who don't know what hard work is.
Religion: Catholic
Education: Non-educated, illiterate
Style of speaking in France: Common, rough French
Languages you speak: French
Main privileges and/or conflicts: Bread is never out of supply, family will not starve as long as they run the bakery BUT flow of grain is dwindling and slow + farmers demanding higher prices + other bakeries raising their prices, so competition is fierce + people are willing to pay more and more for decreasing amounts of bread...