Diary #1

July 1937, the treaty between the Japanese and Chinese broke, and the Japanese declared war against the Chinese. My older brother was already in the Japanese army, my older sister was a college graduate from Tokyo University, my mom was a house mother, and my father was a loyal general to the Japanese emperor, Hirohito. I was nineteen years old and I graduated from high school, and I was accepted to Tokyo University. I lived in a two story house a mile away from Tokyo, and life was very incomparable from anyone else’s; however, it was only for a few weeks. Due to my father’s absence in the Sino-Japanese War, and my brother a mayor at the 31st division, the Japanese government has sent a mail to my house; I had to go to war. Though this notice was very surprising, was proud to be serving for the country I loved. My family was the third generation of the army, for many decades my grandfathers served in the national army with great pride, honor, and loyalty; now it was my turn. On the morning of early August, I was moved to my division in Kitakyushu harbor. My mother and father had come to the harbor to escort me to my first war that I was going to fight. My mother was crying and showing her deepest remorse for my young age, and as to my father he was proud of me for going to war as the last member of my family. I then sailed to the harbor of China; I felt great pride in my life however I felt the nervous shiver within my body. All the young men around me looked very happy, but at night they would get depressed, some would get homesick, some would write letters, and some would just sleep. One thing I noticed about our army was that we had great morality of war, and we would take any advantage if the government was behind us. It took us a few days to arrive in the Chinese harbor of Shanghai. I was excited and everyone around me started to show off their pose of ‘how to shoot well’ and they would show pictures of their families and how much they miss them. After a few days, we arrived in the harbor of Shanghai. It was much, much different from what I expected. The beautiful city that I was dreaming of was turned into ashes, and burned buildings were taken over by the Japanese officials. I hurried to my division were the soldiers were aligned to their commanders. There I met my first friend Takashi, a young soldier who was also nineteen years old; he was scouted to the army for his university scholarship. The next morning, we marched past the gates of the Shanghai province, and started to walk past the burning buildings, carcasses on the roads, and the dying passion of China. However, I was happy that the Japanese has overcome the frontier of the Chinese, I was glad that I didn’t have much ‘work’ to do.