Story Mapping History Frame

Title of Event: The Arms Race

Problem or Goal: European military powers try to succeed each other in the development of weapons and army organization.

Participants/Key Players:

Where: Inside the nation of Germany and Great Britain.

When: Prior to the World War I and throughout. (1875-1918)

Key Episodes or Events:
- The Two Power Standard set by Britain: Britain decides out of paranoia, that their navy should be two times as big as “a normal navy” (1889)
- Kiel Canal: Kiel Canal is built by Germany, allowing the German’s navy to travel faster between the North and Baltic Sea. (1895)
- Germany navy law: In competition of Britain’s grand navy, Germany focused their attention on building up their navy. (1900)
- The first HMS dreadnought is build by the British Royal Navy. Builds first high speed and high gun capacity ship. (1904)

Resolution or Outcome:
- Increasing friction between Britain and Germany, which built a fierce rivalry between them even before the war started.
- Warfare/weapons were radically developed before the war, causing them to be relatively evenly matched in the war due to developments on both sides (Germany and Britain’s build up of armies, ships, eventually airships).

Theme/Lessons/So What?:
- Shows how competition between nations and fear of each other’s growth, can cause a large-scale war.
- Since Germany and Britain along with other allies, continuously bring up new and better weapons, this brings revolutionary technology that could only have been brought up within times of war.